Fire Heart Desktop Gadget

Fire Heart Desktop Gadget 4.4

This game takes place in a dream, and the main character is afraid of fire

Fire Heart will put a flaming heart on your desktop.
This unique and beautiful gadget will allow you to express your feelings to that special person in your life.
It will display a heart in flames, burning and pulsating to remind you about your loved one.
You can almost feel the pulsations beating at the same rhythm as your own heart.
It will be displayed on top of your other applications, and you will be able to use it to open images and other programs by clicking on it.

You can use it to be displayed on top of your favorite pictures, so you will always remember what you feel towards that person.
The fire looks so realistic that you might even feel the warmth created by it.
This will add to the sensation of love that is emanating from your own heart.

Fire Heart will be a piece of conversation among your family, friends and colleagues, both at home and at work.

Don't lose the opportunity to give a present that will always be enjoyed.
As a present or for yourself, this flaming heart will surely be part of your desktop from now on.

Fernando Soni
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  • Very beautiful
  • Realistic


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